Generac Standby Generators for Home Use in Vaughan

Assure your family’s comfort and safety with 24-hour power protection of a Generac generator from Standby Home Generators in Vaughan. No matter what causes the power outage, you can trust Generac generator to maintain your home’s and family’s comfort seamlessly with its automatic self starting function.

No more spoiled food. No more dark and cold nights.

Vaughan Standby Home Generator

You can be certain when Standby Home Generators’ highly trained and experienced technicians expertly install your automatic Generac® generator, it will strictly adhere to all local building code and safety regulations—assuring your family’s safety.

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Benefits of Generac Standby Generators

Never spend a moment without power at your home or office again. Choose a generator that is every family’s favorite in Vaughan. Protect your home or office with the reliable 24/7 backup power protection of Generac.

  • Automatic backup power supply for homes and businesses
  • Operates in within ten seconds of determining power outage
  • Works whether you are away or at home
  • Runs on both LP or natural gas supply
  • Engine designed to last three to four times longer than competitors
  • Easy installation and best value in the industry
  • Provides smooth operation of sensitive electronics and units.
  • Quiet operation
  • Sits outside just like any air conditioning unit
  • Environmental friendly generator

Why Choose Us?

We’re different because we understand…no matter if it’s a factory, a hospital, school, an office or your home. Your standby generator will be delivered and installed correctly and professionally. We can be as “small” as you want by simply being a seller of the equipment or as “big” as you want by offering single source responsibility for the purchase and installation of your equipment.

With our automatic standby generator installation, you never need to worry about losing power due to a blizzard, thunderstorm, accident, ice storm, or other unpredicted situations. Indeed, an automatic standby generator provides you a sigh of relief knowing that you and your family will never be without power – ever again!

We are your local Generac source, serving the residential and commercial clients in Vaughan. The Generac systems that we carry and support can be powered by liquid propane (LP), or natural gas.

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