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Power failures disrupt normal life. When it happens, we cannot heat or cool our homes, supply fresh water or keep perishable foods. Everything stops, but you don't need to feel powerless. A power generator can help you generate your own electricity. Standby Home Generators specializes in providing the highest quality electric power generation equipments. We provide Generac stand-by home generators that are the number-one choice for emergency power systems across the GTA. Generac products are powerful and cost-effective and are also safer to operate and store.

Home Standby Generators

Home standby generators have become very popular in recent years with residential homeowners in Toronto and its surrounding areas. They are generally installed on a small pad outside the home and attached to the home utility power box. As soon as the power fails, the unit begins powering the electric circuits in the home and disconnects itself automatically when the utility power resumes.

The Power of Protection

Protect Against

  • Extreme cold or heat
  • Loss of appliances & lighting
  • Frozen pipes bursting
  • Flooding due to power failure of a sump pump
  • Loss of security system and more

Why We Suggest Generac Generators Over Others

When you buy Generac generators, what you are really getting is power. To protect your family, home and valuables. The longer life and lower operating costs is what makes Generac so popular in Toronto and its surrounding areas. They don't produce any smoke and are less harmful emissions. Generac products are built to last, run a lot quieter and cleaner. We promote Generac home generators because they also result in a much higher customer satisfaction rate.

Generac Generators

Top Ten Reasons To Choose Standby Home Generators

  • Your generator is installed outside your home, just like a central air conditioning unit.
  • It starts powering your home automatically, when the power fails.
  • It switches off automatically, when the utility power resumes.
  • It can provide power to some or all the essential circuits of your home.
  • It provides protection around the clock, all day, every day of the year.
  • It will significantly increase the resale value and lower insurance premiums.
  • It will safeguard your home from disasters such as freezing pipes.
  • It will protect your family from extreme heat and cold.
  • It provides power to your security system ensuring safety and security of your family.
  • It provides peace of mind.
  • From home generator selection to installation to maintenance, Standby Home Generators will take care of everything you need. No matter what your budget or maintenance needs, we have got you covered. We won't let a power outage interrupt anything.

    With Standby Home Generators, you'll never have to worry about your power. Call today 1(877) 770-3666

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